Asian Double

Asian double bet represents two football matches with one bet. All two games are betting in the form of an Asian bet that can be Asian Handicap, Asian goal line, Asian corners, Asian goal advantage or lag, Asian cards, or in general, everything that is related to Asian betting.


Asian Handicap – AH

Chelsea – Man.Utd Over 2 goals 1.50 odds

Barcelona – Alaves Over 3 goals 1.50 odds

ODDS 3.15

In the double accumulator bet the coefficient to be sought is in the range between 1.90 and 2.5 or higher. The advantages of the Asian bet are that it consists of two equal parts and allows VOID of the wager. So even if half of the bet on one of the matches is losing or returning, our main bet on the two matches is profitable. This significantly reduces the risk of losing funds, and increases the chances of winning. And that makes the Asian double bet a sure and preferred betting method.

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